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Return on Investment

If you can track what metrics affect your success, you can manage and improve them, and see even higher returns. Whatever goals you have for your business—sales growth, sales employee development, growing brand awareness—performance monitoring plays a role in each.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the details of running your business, but the list can be filtered down by examining the metrics that offer the highest ROI opportunity for improving your business right now; whether it’s something tangible like closing rates, or intangible like your process for responding to inbound leads, you can measure it.

Return on Investment

Actionable Insights

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We make sense of the data for you and bring the most critical actionable data to your attention that makes the most significant impact on your business today.

If visitors in a particular region spend more time exploring content or look for specific information, then naturally their conversion path would be different. With event tracking, each conversion is tracked separately, providing a clear view of user behavior.

Without the data integration across your sales and marketing technology layers, you are limited to unactionable data that is more confusing than meaningful. This is where we converge all the data silos to provide a complete 360-degree view of each prospect and client.

Metrics that Make a Difference

Visitors provide many signals as to their intention to buy and their depth in the sales funnel. This is something the majority of business in the real estate industry are typically not capitalizing on.
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Demographic data allows us to provide a clearer picture of who your audience is.

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Web activity data includes time spent per page, time since last site visit, keywords used to access your site, what parts of the website they interacted with, what page elements they interacted with among numerous other insightful data points.

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Origin of their journey mobile vs. desktop, marketing channel, number of times visited website interactivity across different marketing mediums (social, email, website).

Real Estate Metrics

Using a combination of various data points, we can figure out in real time the visitor’s depth in the sale funnel and take action to guide them to the next level of the marketing and sales funnel.

Services Overview

We view an investment in marketing as a whole, and not the individual campaigns. Stack enough together interwoven by a central strategy and you create a smart plan.

If we can begin to gather more valuable date from your audience, we can assist you in becoming a more competent company – and enable much better business decisions across the sale and marketing spectrum. Once we learn the deep-rooted needs of that audience, we deliver value to the audience consistently, and that audience ultimately converts from a reader to a subscriber. From there, we can monetize those relationships in multiple ways.

Empowered by data, we begin our efforts by building a loyal audience for your business. There are many different ways a company can convert and generate revenue once a loyal audience has been established through the process of content value creation. This is the due process of building a “pre-customer database.”

Consider the investment company TD Ameritrade, which focuses on clients who are interested in trading stocks. Upon acquiring a customer, TD Ameritrade provides them with access to their thinkorswim.com community in addition to their ThinkMoney magazine (a print and digital magazine). The goal of this content-driven experience is to continually engage traders and empower them with the right tips, tools, research, and capabilities for them to trade more effectively. TD has learned that subscribers to the magazine trade five times more compared to non-subscribers. That’s something that a paid advertisement will never deliver.

It’s about creating a valuable experience in tangent with the product that develops a more engaged and loyal customer. Once prospects become customers, they are primed to become an audience that the company can engage and in whom it can create a broader sense of brand loyalty.

We work as part of your in-house team to understand your business and audience to the fullest extent so that we can deliver customer experiences that make an impact not only on them but also on your bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you tell me more about the MLS data you work with?

We obtain direct access to the MLS region where you are operating. Depending on the MLS region, we may have access up to 280 data fields for active and sold properties(ex. zoning, sold history, activity history, amenities). We maintain a real-time connection to your MLS region which means property data is updated on a daily basis automatically.

We can integrate (embed) different data visualizations available in your dashboard anywhere in your website. These visualizations are live and interactive and can be embedded in any page of your website (ex. https://www.zillow.com/research/august-2017-market-report-16651/). If there is an update made through the live MLS data feed, you do not need to make any updates on your website as the live changes will be automatically reflected on your website visualization.

We create an account on our site where you can log in and view all your dashboards hosted on our site through your private account. These can also be accessed by any one of your team members in your organization as additional users. The dashboard data is automatically updated each day. Additionally, we continue to research and develop additional features and dashboards that we will continue to add to your account on an ongoing basis bringing you more value.

Yes, we can assist in integrating a custom MLS search function into your website. The search functions can include everything from a basic home search to an advanced search with customized fields of your choosing. We can also provide for map and map polygon search integrated with a lead capture system to ensure you are capturing leads that utilize your custom search functions across your site.

Yes, we provide data visualizations on many other data sets we compile on an ongoing basis each month including building permits, housing starts, housing completions, housing under construction, rental vacancy rates, rental rates, property taxes, crime rates among many others.

Yes, we have access to 50+ demographic data fields integrated with numerous visualizations in chart or map format. This way, you and your team members can have a holistic perspective of a region. You can prioritize and filter based on different demographic fields to produce the custom view that suits you best.

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