Marketing Analytics

Customer Journey

Companies engage customers through every aspect of the marketing funnel: from their awareness of the product or service through their nurturing and decision-making process to when they become customers and ultimately to when they become loyal and evangelistic. At each stage of this journey, metrics are meant to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Not Data-driven

Data alone has no meaning. It is merely a collection of statistics aggregated for reference or analysis. To make data meaningful, we develop new strategies to find the emotional value in the date at hand. Data is powerful but only tells us half the story. The other half is in developing insights leading to an understanding of the emotive needs of the customer.

With insights in hand, we can start to create initiatives and strategies after having peeled back the layers of Big Data to make it manageable and meaningful. The goal is to transform facts and results into meaningful insights that move your business forward.

Real Estate Data Driven Branding
” I know half of my advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. “

John Wannamaker

Insights Through Data

Having a thorough understanding of analytics data is the difference between stagnant marketing campaigns and a dynamic marketing strategy. Simply put, we can break down what works and what doesn’t, to make sure every aspect of your sales and marketing components are running at full efficiency.
Data collection in itself is not a solution. The solution lies in the interpretation of the data that empowers decision making that adds to the bottom line. This happens when you understand:

What happened,


Why it happened,


What will likely happen next?




Conversion Optimization

Real Estate Data Points and Track Metrics

You may have various marketing activities in play, but how are you tracking and interpreting the data behind each activity?
We take into account all these various data points and track metrics that make the most impact on your business and seek opportunities for impactful improvement on your bottom line, including:

  • Leads by source
  • Cost per lead
  • Closing rates by source
  • Customer satisfaction by source
  • Customer satisfaction by source

If you don’t have a good conversion rate optimization process in place, you can’t be sure you are reaching your target audience as effectively as possible. We optimize this process to ensure that every element of your website and your overall digital marketing strategy is acting in concert to convert prospects to customers. Some factors that we take into consideration include:

  • Conversion metrics identification
  • Analysis of existing conversion paths
  • Conversion optimization goal setting
  • Backend analytics implementation and tracking
  • Split testing analysis and recommendations
Real Estate Conversion Market Rate

Our ongoing analysis is human, so you get a real understanding of what is driving your results and not just mere data points on a spreadsheet. We believe in transparency, and that is one of the reasons we develop custom dashboards for your business that are accessible to you at any time for tracking and analysis of your sales and marketing performance measures.

With clear measurement, we are continually generating powerful insights to push performance forward.